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August 23, 2017

Streamflow - 255 CFS Water Temperature - 56-63°F

 This has been a very slow summer up Rock Creek.  Although the fishing has been steady and productive, the smoke that comes and goes has been keeping many anglers away.  This is especially true on the weekdays, so if you have an opportunity to play hookie from work, this is the place to fish.

     Purple haze attractors have been the top dry fly, but you can also fish caddis and PMD patterns or crippled emergers if you find the fish hesitant to come all the way to the surface.  Nymphing has been catching more fish, and again, use the color purpleStreamers are also catching some nice sized trout, but stick to them mostly in the mornings and evenings.  The fishing will remain good into September and October, so stop in on your way up and get some great patterns for Rock Creek!

Questions or comments?  Please call or e-mail us:
(406) 825-6440 / rcmerc@blackfoot.net

August 15, 2017

     The past week has seen some very good production since the lower section of the river reopened.  Both dries and nymphs are working, but most of the bigger fish have been caught subsurface on patterns like the Jumpin Jack Flash and a basic brown girdle bug.  Here are a couple nice trout that were caught in the past week on these patterns:

      For dry flies, try some caddis, small mayflies, terrestrial patterns, and maybe some spruce moths if you see them flying, or go attractor like the Purple Haze or a Royal Wulff or Red Machine.  There are lots of different dries to choose from, and many anglers will use a dry/dropper combo this time of year. 

     I've had a few calls asking about hoot owl restrictions, and just to clarify, Rock Creek has none.  The highest water temp we've reached recently is about 64 degrees, and the fish aren't stressed.  The road remains closed above Harry's Flat Campground all the way up to Gilles/Bohrnsen Bridge, but the firefighters are doing a great job on it, and we'll hopefully have some fishing up there before the fall season is upon us.  We will have to wait and see, but we will be sure to provide you an update once things are contained up there.

     In the meantime, come fish the first 17 miles near us!  The weekdays in particular are very quiet, so there is some excellent water to fish if you can make it out during that time.  More soon!

Questions or comments?  Please call or e-mail us:
(406) 825-6440 / rcmerc@blackfoot.net

August 9, 2017

     Rock Creek is back in action!  The Forest Service decided to open the road up to Harry's Flat, which includes fishing the river.  Brewster Creek and the upper part of Rock Creek remain closed due to fires, but there is now 17 miles of the Creek to fish!

     As for what's working; start off with a caddis or mayfly with crippled emergers, or bring a prince/pheasant tail nymph combination to the bottom.  Hopper/dropper patterns are a good option throughout the middle of the day, and colorful attractors (Purple Haze, Red Machine, etc.) work well in the evenings.

     We're excited to get this fishing season back on track!  We hope to see you soon!

Questions or comments?  Please call or e-mail us:
(406) 825-6440 / rcmerc@blackfoot.net

July 27, 2017

     It's wildfire season here on Rock Creek; the Sapphire Complex (https://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/5364/) has closed down virtually all of the creek, unfortunately during our coveted spruce moth hatch.  We are providing most of the fire updates on Facebook, but we will also give the occasional update here on the Conditions page.

     Tonight, we are having a meeting here in the store at 7PM, and the fire crews will go over the current reports as well as the predictions for the Sapphire Complex fire and will answer any questions people may have.  There will also be a live feed here.

     We are keeping our fingers crossed that this fire will get resolved sooner rather than later and that no homes or people get hurt during this process.  We'll keep you up to date on the goings on, so stay tuned.

Questions or comments?  Please call or e-mail us:
(406) 825-6440 / rcmerc@blackfoot.net

July 20, 2017

Streamflow - 563 CFS Water Temperature - 59-67°F

     We've had some hot, windy days on Rock Creek the past week, but the fishing has been productive despite the weather.  Most of the bigger fish are being caught on nymphs, with the Purple San Juan worm catching these two beauties the past couple days:

     The water temps have been increasing with the hot weather, but we still haven't come near the dreaded "hoot owl" restrictions.  However, we do recommend a voluntary restriction when the water hits 70 degrees; they can survive that temp, but it is more stressful for them to be caught in those conditions.  Fortunately the evenings and mornings have maintained a cool crispness, so the fish are refreshed each day. 

     We are also starting to see our coveted spruce moth hatch, so look for them to become the dominant dry fly over the next couple of weeks.  There's good fishing to be had on Rock Creek (and surprisingly few people in the mornings), so come up and wet a line!

Questions or comments?  Please call or e-mail us:
(406) 825-6440 / rcmerc@blackfoot.net