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June 30

Unfortunately, the previous June records were lost during the transition to the July fishing reports.  Sorry for the inconvenience!

Streamflow - 427 CFS Temperature - 62° F

     We had some extremely hot weather over this past weekend, with temps ranging in the high 90s to low 100s.  That is very unseasonably hot for the time of year, and we're going to be having temps ranging in the 90s through the first part of July as well.  While this is not necessarily a deal breaker for fishing Rock Creek, it does mean we highly advise you limit your fishing to the mornings and evenings, as fishing in the middle of the day will stress out the fish (as well as most fishermen).  I doubt we will get Hoot Owl restrictions on Rock Creek, and we've never seen this stream hit consecutive days of water temps at 73° F, but for the sake of the trout, I'd avoid mid-day fishing until this heat wave breaks.

     As for patterns, nymphs are still working great before dawn (the earlier you can make it out the better), and then when the sun hits the water, put on a caddis with a small emerger.  Towards late morning, switch over to some terrestrial patterns like grasshoppers, ants, beetles, and even spruce moths.  You can also use the purple haze or a Yellow Sally at this time too.  If you head out in the evening, I would try mayflies and caddis, as well as red attractors or small PMX hoppers, along with a variety of nymph patterns.

     The heat is undoubtedly going to scare a lot of anglers away, so for those willing to head out, there should be plenty of open water for the beginning of July...just make sure to take a break when it gets too hot.

For more details or any questions or comments, please call or e-mail us: (406) 825-6440 / rcmerc@blackfoot.net