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March 2014

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March 29

     Still not too much to report, although I have heard a few tales told of bugs flying over the water.  These are sporadic hatches though, and the March Browns and Skwalas will be fashionably late and arrive in April this year.  This weekend has also kicked off with some rain.  On the plus side, it's melting the snow and will add some accessibility to spots on the creek (though I'd still avoid the dirt road).  However, it's bringing up the streamflow rapidly and will make fishing difficult for a couple of days.  Things are supposed to clear up starting Monday, though, and I'm sure the hatch will explode this coming week.  If you feel like giving it a shot this weekend, try streamers and nymphs like the Jumpin' Jack Flash or a bright-colored San Juan worm, and aim for deeper waters.  Good fishing is coming and things are looking to be great for April fishing!

March 22

     It's getting late into March, but it's still very cold out, so we haven't seen the emergence of the March Browns or the skwalas yet.  If the weather forecasts are right, we'll be hitting the 50s in the next few days, and you can be sure that will start the hatches.  We'll keep an eye open in the meantime and send out an update when they emerge.  Until then, keep chucking out those nymphs and streamers.  One client has reported good luck with Wonderbuggers, and San Juan worms are probably the most solid nymph right now.

     If you do decide to come up, keep in mind the road is virtually impassable not far into where the dirt road begins (12 miles upstream).  Hopefully by April, areas like the Microburst and Morgan Case Homestead will be accessible...and those fish will be antsy!

More when the hatches arrive...

March 11

     It's time once again to fire up the fishing reports for the year!  Eat your heart out, Billy, Chuck and Catfish!

     After getting several e-mails asking about the transition to a blog, I decided instead to keep this page up and running so people wouldn't have to update their shortcuts.  One change I will be making is I will keep an archive of all the fishing reports frome here on out, and I will add a link to it beneath the River Conditions and Weather Conditions on this page.  I will bring it up at the end of either March or April and keep a log of each month's reports.

     As most of you know, we were hit very hard by the snow this year, so one thing we will keep an eye on is potential flooding.  It remains to be seen if it will throw off the spring fishing, though that doesn't usually deter the guides and floaters in June.  The silver lining to high water is that July through September will likely see excellent water conditions, which is good news for wade fishermen.  We will keep you up to date on water and weather on Rock Creek as well as any potential hazards (log jams, fires, etc.).

     Regarding current fishing, the recent rain has melted a lot of the snow accumulated the past two weeks, but the river has also come up, and there haven't been many people out on the water.  Still, if you can find a decent pool (and be careful if you go out to look for one), drag a stonefly nymph or a San Juan worm through it, and you'll undoubtedly get some production.  There is not much in dry fly action so far, but March Browns are extremely close, and the fish should be looking up for them at this point.

     More next week.  Get your gear and tackle boxes ready!

For more details or any questions or comments, please call or e-mail us: (406) 825-6440 / rcmerc@blackfoot.net