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 October 15


Streamflow - 185 CFS Temperature - 45-53° F

     Eat your heart out, Billy Grant (and Chuck and Catfish)!  It's the last report for the year, and this one should remain consistent until the first snow arrives.  It has been a surprisingly warm October so far, with temps often sitting in the high 60s and low 70s still.  The river has also been holding steady over the past few weeks, and though it's still below the average cfs, it doesn't seem like it's going to drop much more than its current level. 

     The fishing itself has been very good, but mostly with nymphs and streamers.  There are occasionally October Caddis and some smaller mayflies, and some people are having luck with terrestrials and attractor patterns, but the large majority of the fish are being caught on subsurface patterns.  Streamers are arguably best this time of year, and Wonderbuggers and olive or black leech patterns are producing well.  You can also try a lot of the basic nymph patterns like princes, hare's ears, and San Juan worms, but also try a red Copper John or a purple prince nymph, both of which have been getting great results recently.

     There is plenty of open water here in the fall since the crowds have died down, so if you are itching to get some fishing in, I highly recommend trying Rock Creek in the afternoons, and you will have some fun and a good chance of hooking into a good sized trout.  Large browns will be coming up from the Clark Fork to spawn over the next month or so, and they will take anything from a streamer pattern to a tiny nymph, so come and try your luck!

     To cap off, our friends the Woodwards sent us some more pics from their fishing trip here this past weekend.  It's always great to close out the year with a little Rock Creek eye candy, so enjoy!  Thanks to everyone who came out and supported the shop; without your support, we would not have made it the 25 years we have been here!  So hopefully we will see you next year, and check back in March/April for new reports!  Have a great winter, and happy fishing!


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