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June 28, 2016

Streamflow - 418 CFS Temperature - 58-66° F

     The water has been gradually declining, but fortunately it doesn't look like there will be significant drops like we had a couple of weeks ago.  The hot weather has brought out a lot of different dry flies, including drakes, caddis, mayflies, yellow sallies and the occasional golden stone.  The Purple Haze and Gyspy King attractors have also been very good.  For nymphs, it's been small dark stonefly patterns that have been producing best.

     This week, we have been seeing temperatures jump up into the high 80s and low 90s, so for the middle of the day, I would recommend either finding a shady portion of the river or where a cold creek feeds into it or waiting until the evening.  If you fish in the middle of the day, go for dry/dropper combinations since some of the fish will be hesitant to come up with all the sun and hot weather we currently have.

     Despite the hot weather, the fishing has been really good on Rock Creek as of late, and the crowds are way down since the floaters have moved on to other waters.  So come on up and try your luck!

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June 21, 2016

Streamflow - 589 CFS Temperature - 56-60° F

     We are in transition from our spring stonefly hatches into our main summer hatches.  This is a nice time to fish, because you can still catch trout on golden stones and even salmon fly patterns, but you also have the option of fishing with caddis, PMDs, yellow sallies, and red or purple attractor patterns.  The water is also coming into nice shape for waders, and we are seeing fewer and fewer floaters the closer we get to the end of June.  When this happens, the pressure on the creek goes way down and several of the previously inaccessible fishing holes will be much easier to reach.  So if wade fishing is your preferred style, come check out Rock Creek!

Questions or comments?  Please call or e-mail us:
(406) 825-6440 / rcmerc@blackfoot.net

June 15, 2016

Streamflow - 807 CFS Temperature - 48-54° F

     Montana weather has been strange this year.  After several days of heavy heat last week, the pendulum swung in the other direction and we have received much cooler weather as well as steady rain.  As you can also see, the streamflow is down almost 500 cfs in the span of one week.  It's currently leveled out due to the rain, but we will have to wait and see if it drops any more in the next week.

     Even with the cooler weather and the rainy days this week, Rock Creek is still fishing well with small stoneflies.  Yellow stimulators have been catching fish, and this is especially true the farther upstream you travel.  Other hatches right now include green drakes, large caddis, purple hazes, and several nymph and streamer patterns.

     The last two weeks of June will likely see fewer floaters because of the stonefly hatches on the other rivers and the dropping CFS, and wade fishing will become the best way to fish Rock Creek.  More and more areas are becoming fishable with the lowering water, and since we still have a good snowpack in the mountains, July will likely be a very good one with healthy water.

Questions or comments?  Please call or e-mail us:
(406) 825-6440 / rcmerc@blackfoot.net

June 8, 2016

Streamflow - 1290 CFS Temperature - 55-60° F

     We are in the last day of a three-day heat wave, with temps ranging from the mid-80s to the mid-90s.  Surprisingly, very little snow melted in the Pintlers and the river hardly bumped from the heat and remains clear.  It did, however, jump up in water temperature, and the fish haven't been taking the salmon flies quite as vigorously with the sudden shift.  Fortunately, the hot weather is supposed to break starting tomorrow, and we will have more normal temps ranging in the 60s and 70s, and that will normalize the conditions on the water.

     The salmon flies are now in the upper stretches of Rock Creek, and most floaters are headed that way.  Down in our neck of the woods, golden stones have taken over as the main hatch, and they will progress up the stream like the salmon flies did.  We've also been seeing more green drakes and even some caddis.  At this point, purple hazes start to produce well also.  Yesterday, the best production came with nymphing, and that will most likely be the case today as well, so have those dark stonefly nymphs and girdle bugs ready.

     We are staying open until 7PM every day except Sunday from now until the end of summer, so be sure to stop in on your way up the Creek!  Also, we have availability in our motel rooms for the latter half of June if you would like to stay on the Creek and have a fishing vacation; just give us a call to check on open dates!

     More soon.

Questions or comments?  Please call or e-mail us:
(406) 825-6440 / rcmerc@blackfoot.net

June 3, 2016

Streamflow - 1270 CFS Temperature - 50-54° F

     The salmon flies continue to be the best patterns on the Creek, though we have some golden stones starting up on the lower stretches as well.  The word from all the guides is that the really big stoneflies have been the favorites of the fish recently.  We have a pattern in the shop called a Mystery Meat that has been producing extremely well.  Otherwise, use big bushy stonefly patterns with either orange or red bodies.

     Starting Sunday, we are supposed to have some hot weather, and that should release some of the snow in the Pintlars and bump up the streamflows.  We will have to see just how much the rivers are going to rise, but I doubt it will hinder the fishing on Rock Creek for any extended period of time.  Often, cloudier water can prove beneficial to fishing dries, and it can also push the fish to the shorelines, so it will be easy to figure out where they are holding.

     Overall, the fishing is excellent on the Creek right now.  If you decide to come out with a boat, be sure to check with us or a guide who floats this river constantly about potential log jams or hazards, and we'll make sure you have a safe, fun-filled trip!

Questions or comments?  Please call or e-mail us:
(406) 825-6440 / rcmerc@blackfoot.net

May 20, 2016

Streamflow - 1890 CFS Temperature - 47-50° F

     Log Jams

     Here are some of the logs we have received/taken pictures of so far this year.  More to come soon.  Please check out our Facebook page for more information on these logs:


Questions or comments?  Please call or e-mail us:
(406) 825-6440 / rcmerc@blackfoot.net

May 18, 2016

Streamflow - 1340 CFS Temperature - 48-52° F

     They're here!  There were lots of salmon flies on the bushes when I checked this morning.  We've had decent, warm weather the past couple of days and that made the full hatch finally pop!  While we are supposed to get some rain over the next few days, the salmon flies will slowly start appearing farther up Rock Creek. 

     Surprisingly, there have been very few people up here during the decent weather to take advantage of the good conditions.  I suspect most people were waiting for salmon flies to come out before heading up here, but honestly, it's been good fishing with nymphs up here this week.  Everybody will focus on the big orange bugs now, but keep in mind there is still excellent fishing with a variety of nymphs and streamers too.

     The next several days are supposed to be colder and rainier, and that will inevitably put the salmon flies down during that time.  Still, it is time to get ready and prepare for a great month of fishing stonefly dries on Rock Creek!  We have a full stock of various salmon fly and golden stone patterns, many of which are exclusive to our shop, so be sure to come in and check out our flies!  Also, we are now opening from 7 AM to 7 PM Monday thru Saturday to catch the early morning fishermen and the evening fishers/beer drinkers, so stop on in!

Questions or comments?  Please call or e-mail us:
(406) 825-6440 / rcmerc@blackfoot.net