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July 19, 2016

Streamflow - 366 CFS Temperature - 59-68° F

     Eat your hearts out, Chuck and Catfish!  Billy Grant is here fishing without you Georgia boys, and he's having a good time!  He reported to me that spruce moths have finally emerged, and the fish have been taking them eagerly!  After the salmon fly hatch, the spruce moth is the next really great fishing on Rock Creek.  Why they are so interested in this terrestrial moth, I have no idea, but it's one of those really great hatches that fishermen often aren't aware of.  The weather is also supposed to be really favorable over the next week, so conditions will be good and the river is coming into shape nicely.

     In addition to the spruce moth, there has also been a lot of luck with caddis, x-caddis, mayflies, and of course, the purple haze.  Late last week, I went out in the evening and had a great time with a purple haze we sell out of the shop, catching this beauty!

      Overall, fishing is really good on Rock Creek at the moment, and now that the spruce moth is here, it should just get even better.

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July 12, 2016

Streamflow - 608 CFS Temperature - 51-57° F

     Since the last report, we've had a lot of rain come down in Western Montana.  While it may have thrown the fishing off during that time frame, the long-term benefits are excellent.  The streamflow bumped up to its yearly norm, the water temps have come way down, and we even received new snowpack in the mountains that feed our stream.  The unseasonal rain just put Rock Creek into great shape!

     The other added bonus is that the weather is going to be very cooperative for the forseeable future, with temperatures ranging in the 70's each day.  Dry flies will thrive at this point, and I would fish yellow, red, or purple attractors, caddis, mayflies, and though we haven't seen them yet, I would guess a spruce moth pattern will start to turn some heads in the water.

     For nymphs and emergers, I'd recommend continuing to fish the darker stoneflies and girdle bugs, but I'd also try some hares ears and pheasant tails as well.  Caddis pupae are also very good subsurface patterns to use, and for them, I would try a small scud or a CDC pattern.

     Rock Creek should have some fantastic fishing until we get another major weather shift, so come on out and wet a line!

Questions or comments?  Please call or e-mail us:
(406) 825-6440 / rcmerc@blackfoot.net

July 7, 2016

Streamflow - 323 CFS Temperature - 54-62° F

     The past couple weeks have been very strange for summer weather.  Last week, we had temps ranging in the 90s, which as you can guess, made the fishing tougher than normal, especially for early July.  This week, the weather took a strange turn and has been much cooler than average.  This has resulted in excellent fishing conditions on Rock Creek.  You can fish either dry flies or nymphs and get some great production.

     For dries, use yellow humpies, purple hazes, caddis, and mayflies.  You also have the option of trailing a CDC or Quigley crippled emerger behind your flies, and we have some great options in the store for these.

     The nymphing game has been varied.  Most people are sticking to dark stoneflies, Jumpin' Jack Flashes, or Pat's Rubber Legs and catching some good-sized trout.  You can also try fishing streamer patterns, especially on the cloudier and rainier days.  Try a rainbow or black Wonderbugger, and you should get some fish to chase it!

     The weather is supposed to remain decent for the forseeable future, so come on out and get some fishing in on Rock Creek!

Questions or comments?  Please call or e-mail us:
(406) 825-6440 / rcmerc@blackfoot.net