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Rock Creek Early Summer Report 2021

CFS: 898

Water Temp: 57-61°F

Dries: Golden Stones, Yellow Sallies, Purple Haze, Caddis, Dark Stimulators

Nymphs: Jumpin' Jack Flash, Copper Johns, Hare's Ears

FISHING REPORT (June 23, 2021)

The water has receded quickly over the past couple weeks, and the number of float fishermen is dwindling rapidly. Although the cfs is still a little high to safely wade, more sections are opening up each day and the fish are moving out from the banks back into the middle of the water. We are in that transition period from late spring to early summer hatches, which is fun because we have a combination of both seasons for a short time. Depending on the weather, you can have luck with a number of different dry flies.

Hot temperatures are predicted for late June and early July, so the best fishing will be in the mornings and evenings during the heatwaves. Mayflies, caddis and various attractors like purple hazes and red humpies will be good choices, as well as some smaller stoneflies in the late morning. Given that we are near the summer solstice, you can head out on the water in the late evenings and still have enough light to fish.

It will be interesting/nerve wracking to see what happens to Montana's rivers if this heat persists. Snow packs are already gone, and the all the waters have been dropping rapidly. I expect to see hoot owl restrictions instated on several rivers in the coming weeks. Rock Creek has fortunately never fallen under hoot owl, but when it gets close to those conditions, I don't typically recommend going out even if it's allowed. Give those fish a rest when the water temps are at their warmest and fish on the ends of each day instead.

Overall, there was some great fishing in June. Thank you to everyone who stopped in and supported our shop this past month, and we hope to see you the rest of the summer as well (be it for fishing supplies or to have a beer on our front porch). Because I like to add a few pictures into every report, here are some of my favorites from fishing this June. Stay cool, stay hydrated and stay safe, fishers!

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