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Rock Creek Fishing Report - 4/29/19

CFS: 1560 Water Temp: 37-40 ° F Dries: Skwalas, March Browns, BWOs Nymphs: Stoneflies, Hare's Ears, San Juans, Streamer patterns

After a big spike in the CFS, we've had cold weather roll in to bring it back down to a clearer, more fishable level. I still wouldn't recommend wading, but shore fishing into some of the calmer pools can produce results, such as this fish caught by Ryan this past Saturday:

A brown trout caught with a streamer up Rock Creek, near Missoula Montana.
A brown trout caught with a streamer up Rock Creek on 4/27/2019.

The water is a tea color at this point in time, so use bigger bugs and brighter colors to attract the trout's attention, especially if it is overcast out. The combination of a Pat's Rubber Leg with a San Juan worm is still an excellent one-two punch, or if you like chucking big streamer patterns, Rock Creek is a good option for that as well. Dry fly fishing will be few and far between until the water clears up and comes down a little more, but it doesn't hurt to try a skwala pattern in the right place. As we approach warmer spring days, the caddis will become more prevalent this month as well.

We will keep you posted on the goings on of the creek, including the Mother's Day caddis hatch and the countdown to salmon fly season! Stay tuned!

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