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Rock Creek Fishing Report - 4/9/19

CFS: 1170 Water Temp: 40-42 ° F

Bugs: Dries: Skwalas, March Browns, BWOs Nymphs: Girdle Bugs, Peacock stones, Pink San Juans

Slowly but surely, Rock Creek is losing its valley snow, and it's getting easier to actually reach those fishing spots. Our little section of Montana happens to lie in a narrow, mountainous north/south alignment, so sunlight doesn't reach certain areas of the road until warmer April days. I would still recommend holding off on fishing the middle sections of the river unless you have a truck or similar vehicle that can handle rough conditions, but every day, the road gets a little more traversible.

The actual fishing has been very good so far this spring, with lots of successful reports coming in from our anglers. There still isn't too much action on the dry flies, though some of the actual bugs are out flying now. Warm, drier days are going to be the best for this type of fishing, otherwise, you can drop a number of different nymph or streamer patterns, rain or shine!

If you are wading, watch out where you decide to go in. With the creek getting over 1000 cfs, certain stretches of water will be more difficult to wade; use good judgment when you are out there and you will be fine!

We will be open full-time starting at the end of April, and we look forward to seeing all of you anglers (and beer drinkers) this year!

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