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Rock Creek Fishing Report 5/31/2019

CFS: 2450 Water Temp: 49-52 ° F Dries: Smaller stoneflies, Purple Haze Nymphs: Pat's RL, Jumpin' Jack Flash, Black stonefly nymphs Salmon flies have emerged over the past couple of days, but the full hatch isn't on just yet. I suspect the beginning of next week will be when the main hatch starts working its way up the stream. In the meantime, you can try small stonefly or attractor patterns on top, but most of the fish being caught are going to be subsurface. The river is still too high to wade, but anglers who put in the time to find the soft water along the shoreline are having good results.

Of course, floating is the best way to catch multiple fish this time of year, and there have already been some rafts heading up. As always, we need to remind people that whoever is doing the rowing needs to be technically sound and on their game, especially with rowing Rock Creek. Every year, it seems there is a flipped boat, and let's not forget that this river has proven lethal in the past. So stay safe out there and always check with us or the guides before heading out for a float trip.

Outfitter Joe Cummings floated from Upper Fire Ring all the way down to the Tamarack takeout the other day and used his drone to take some amazing shots of the Creek. Check out his report in the video below; he discusses what to expect and some of the new obstacles this year (especially in the Sawmill Access area this year).

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