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Rock Creek Fishing Report 5/6/2019

CFS: 1240 Water Temp: 45-50 ° F Dries: Caddis, Attractor Patterns Nymphs: Jumpin' Jack Flash, Pats RL, San Juans

Every now and then, I get to escape the fly shop and actually head out onto the waters of Rock Creek. This was the case yesterday, when my wife and I fished the lower Creek in the afternoon. The Jumpin' Jack Flash pattern was easily the most productive nymph and is what I caught most of the fish on that Sunday.

In these types of conditions, you have to walk and comb the river for good fishing spots; anything with structure that creates deep and/or slow water is ideal. This time of year, the fish don't want to be in the fast water any more than you or I would, so keep that in mind when you are searching for spots to cast your line. Much of the river is flowing fast at the moment, so pick and choose your spots wisely and always keep in mind that wading is difficult this time of year. Most of our wading is to get through side channels and muddy/marshy areas to reach the main stem of the creek. Several of these overflow channels hold fish as well, so they are worth a look at the very least.

We will be seeing warmer temperatures as we move into the week, and that will undoubtedly bump the streamflow, so keep an eye on the USGS chart before deciding to head out, or give us a call or e-mail (406-825-6440 / rcmerc@blackfoot.net) for up-to-date fishing conditions. Salmon fly season will be here soon!

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