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Rock Creek Fishing Report 6/10/2019

CFS: 1610 Water Temp: 49-53 ° F Dries: Salmon Flies, Drakes, Attractor patterns Nymphs: Large stonefly nymphs, Pink San Juan worms, Psycho Prince

The past few days, the streamflow has dropped significantly, and it's almost 1000 cfs less than it was a week ago. Add in the fact that the fish have started taking the salmon flies on the surface, and you have a recipe for some really good fishing!

The main hatch is in the middle to upper sections now, but you can still fish the patterns down near our shop since the golden stone hatch will pop next, and the fish will be looking for them. If you are planning on a float, be sure to know about any potential hazards on whatever stretch you are taking and make sure whoever is on the sticks is good with technical water and tight fits. For shuttles, call Right Turn Clyde Shuttles at 406-240-5455 (the earlier you call them, the better).

With any luck, the golden stones should arrive soon, and perhaps a secondary hatch of salmon flies as well. It's time to rig up the rods and come fish the Creek!

Ryan with a nice brown caught on a salmon fly dry

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