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Rock Creek Fishing Report 7/1/2019

CFS: 745 Water Temp: 55-61°F Dries: Yellow Sallies, Drakes, Caddis, PMDs, Purple Haze Nymphs: Prince Nymphs, Hare's Ears, Pheasant Tails, Stonefly Nymphs

The floating season is officially done on Rock Creek, and fortunately the water levels are getting down to more ideal wading conditions. Keep in mind that in certain areas, the canyon can funnel the stream and create swift, deep currents that will still be difficult to wade. For the most part, however, much of the river should be traversable now.

We have a number of different hatches working at various times throughout the day. Some people are still using stonefly dries in the upper stretches of the creek, and you could likely get some fish to take a golden stone or Chubby Chernobyl pattern up there. Most of the bugs we are using are smaller though, and fish seem to be preferring the "sipping flies" as we like to call them.

If you could only choose one fly to head out with, make it the Purple Haze. We have a split-wing version of this attractor that has been our go-to fly in late June / early July for several years now. There are a few hoppers starting to grow and bounce around, but they are still a few weeks away before they become a reliable pattern to use. Very soon, we should see spruce moths, which will be the next big hatch on Rock Creek.

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