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Rock Creek Fishing Report 7/30/2019

CFS: 422 Water Temp: 58-67°F Dries: Spruce Moths, Drakes, Terrestrials, Caddis, PMDs, Purple Haze Nymphs: Purple Prince Nymph, Copper Johns, Pheasant Tails

It looks like the hot summer days are here to stay. This week the weather forecast predicted that each day in the Missoula area is going to be in the lower 90s. We've already seen the effects on the fishing; middle of the day has been a struggle, and even in the evenings things have been more on the sluggish side. This is primarily due to water temps getting into the high 60s, which has an adverse effect on the trout. It's at times like these that you want to be extra diligent about keeping the fish in the water and getting them off the hook as quickly as possible. Rock Creek resident John Snively created a valuable tool for this very purpose.

Given the weather and water temps, you have a couple of options. One is to stick mostly to early/mid-morning fishing. At this point, the water will be at its coolest and this will be when the fish are most active. Fish nymphs if you are out before the sun rises, but once rays of light hit the water, look for some dry fly action (spruce moths are starting up!). The other option is to head up the Creek and find areas where lots of shade is being cast over the water and/or where a cold side stream feeds into it. That will be your best bet to catch fish in the afternoons/evenings (though once water temps start getting near 70 degrees, we recommend giving the fish a break).

Soon enough, we will get those longer, cooler August nights, and that should change conditions for the better. Until then, I'd recommend morning fishing here for the most part.

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