• John Staats

Rock Creek Fishing Report 8/23/2019

CFS: 310

Water Temp: 57-62°F

Dries: Small terrestrials and stimulators, mayflies, caddis, attractors

Nymphs: Jumpin’ Jack Flash, caddis pupae, pheasant tails, Copper Johns

Usually at this point in August, fishing slows down on Rock Creek, and we don’t see it pick up until September. This year though, we’ve seen cooler temps and even some steady rain, which has left our stream in great condition! Middle of the day is still the toughest time to catch fish, but the hopper-dropper combo can still turn some heads.

Late afternoon, try a small terrestrial or a stimulator pattern. You will undoubtedly catch some smaller fish, but the bigger boys will chase these patterns too:

The best time for dries has been on the end of the day, from about 6:30-8:30. There are lots of mayflies flying around this time, and you can use a wide variety of mayfly imitations at this time (or a crippled emerged if you are getting short strikes).

Most people wait for September and don’t fish here this time of year, so if you want to try a relatively unharassed water (especially in the middle of the week), come try Rock Creek!

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