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Rock Creek Fishing Report 9/11/19

CFS: 389

Water Temp: 53-57°F

Dries: BWOs, Purple Haze, Rubber-leg stimulators

Nymphs: Pat's RL, Hare's Ears, Jumpin' Jack Flash, Pheasant Tail, JJ Special

This past weekend we had a large amount of rain fall, and that caused the river to spike in streamflow from 250 to 450 cfs. While it was rising, catching fish was difficult, but now that it is coming back down, things are improving.

Hoppers were still working as late as yesterday (Tuesday), so you can still have some production with a terrestrial or stimulator pattern. However, until we get our large October caddis hatch, my main recommendation for dries would be smaller ones like blue-winged olives or purple hazes around size 16. Mahogany duns aren't flying yet, but the fish have been hitting those patterns as well.

The best fishing, however, has been subsurface. The water temps have lowered and caused some of the bigger fish to stir, and they are chasing stonefly nymphs and streamer patterns like the JJ Special or the Wonderbugger. This trend should continue throughout the fall, so have your streamer box ready if you head out to the Creek!

Next week, I will be out of the shop on a fishing (and probably beer-drinking) trip in Oregon, so Carolyn will be running the store from 8AM - 2PM that Monday thru Thursday. Besides those four days, we will be open our regular hours through the end of the month, so we hope to see you for what looks to be some excellent fall fishing here on Rock Creek!

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