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Rock Creek Runoff Report - May 11, 2021

CFS: 1600

Water Temp: 41-45°F

Dries: Blue Winged Olives, Gypsy Kings, Purple Haze

Nymphs: Big Hole Crawlers, DB Stonefly, Pink San Juans, Yellow Streamers


After a few days of warm weather followed by some heavy rain, Rock Creek spiked in streamflow and plummeted in water temperature. Fortunately we have had mild weather the past few days, and the river has looked much better:

That being said, catching fish is still going to be some work if you are on foot. I'd recommend not getting into the main stream with the cfs being this high. Most of your wading is going to be cutting through marshy terrain or small side channels to get to the good pools versus actual wade fishing. As my grandfather used to say, "Those fish don't want to be in that fast water any more than you or I do." Use that knowledge to your advantage in conditions like these. Yes, the good spots are fewer and farther between, but I personally love walking up and down the creek, scouting the fishy water, and trying different dry/nymph combinations. This also a good time to try some streamer fishing and one of the few times the rubber-legged monster fly, the Big Hole Crawler, works well here:

Big stonefly patterns are a great option this time of year. With the salmon flies coming in the very near future, you can get action on large nymphs, some almost 2 inches in length. Add a small trailer of a worm or a jig behind it, and you have yourself a winning combo. If the water continues to come down, the trout should start coming up for dry flies. Try BWOs or Adams in the mid-afternoon, or see if you can trick a fish with a big foam pattern like the Gypsy King.

The salmon fly watch begins. As soon as I find a few on the bushes of the lower creek, I will be sure to inform you all. Stay tuned!

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