Riversmith Rod Vault

Riversmith Rod Vault

Keep your fly rod full rigged and secure with the River Quiver rod vault from Riversmith!


If you're like me, you hate constantly having to break down your fly rod after each fishing adventure.  Solve this problem with the River Quiver, a lockable fly rod holder that mounts to the top of your vehicle. 


Made by Riversmith in Boulder, Colorado, these rod vaults are aerodynamic, durable, and easy to install and remove.  The River Quiver can hold fully rigged fly rods up to 10 feet in length and is available in the "2-Banger" and "4-Banger" options.


Now available at Rock Creek Fisherman's Mercantile; drop ship also available!


For more information, please contact us (rcmerc@blackfoot.net / 406-825-6440)